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Douwe (Don) Nauta was born and raised in Workum, Netherlands and immigrated to Canada on his own at 18 years of age. Before moving to Canada he was working at a small bakery in Workum while attending school. Once Don settled in Calgary, Alberta he started working at Stadium Bakery. In January of 1977, Rudy Bootsma and Don Nauta purchased an existing bakery, called Eric's Bakery, and renamed it Glamorgan Bakery. The name Glamorgan was chosen because of the location of the bakery in the community of Glamorgan. Rudy and Don continued to work together for several years but now the bakery is owned and operated by the Nauta family. Several of our employees have been with us for over 10 years and we acknowledge the experience that they contribute to our business. In 1987 (and every year since then) the Calgary Herald named Glamorgan Bakery the Readers Choice Award Winner for Bakeries. Glamorgan Bakery is famous for its Cheese buns. We bake them fresh everyday in both the traditional white bun dough and recently we have added a whole wheat kind as well. We also carry many other fresh products and we value the fact that all of it is baked on site.

The Nauta family, who run the business are Don, Jannette, and their children, Timothy(wife Deanna and son Jett), Teresa (husband Reuben and daughters Tianna and Kaydence), Matthew, Marcel, and Jeremy are all part of this business. Each of them plays a different role but they have all grown up in the environment of this family run business.

Family Photo, Summer 2011

Dsc 1166

The Nauta's have a smile of their face when their cheese buns have been recognized in different and bizarre places like the line up for Pirates of the Caribbean in Walt Disney Resort in Anaheim or on the beach of Mazatlan Mexico. On most given days there is at least one of the Nauta's working in the bakery. Today Don is still the head baker while Jannette and the kids work in the retail store and if you are lucky you might even spot one of the grandkids running through on a visit. With a dedicated staff and a loving Christian community supporting them, the Nauta's are truly thankful to God for his enormous blessings.

Dsc 0575
Don making apple strudel.

Dsc 0583
Marcel packing raisin scones.

Dsc 0030
Tianna enjoying fresh, still warm sugar bread

Dsc 0043
Jeremy serving customers.

Dsc 0026
Don and Tianna enjoying a morning coffee break together.

Dsc 0170
The week before Christmas if you came in the morning our newest member of the family was 'working' with her mom. This is Kaydence watching her Pake cut shortbread cookies with Beppe.

We love to hear your stories of where you have taken the baked goods you have purchased at Glamorgan Bakery because we truly appreciate all the support we have received from you, our loyal customers over the years.

19, 3919 Richmond Road SW 
Calgary, AB  T3E 4P2

Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 7:30 - 5:00pm
Sunday & Holidays: Closed
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