Hot dog, hamburger, dinner and parker house are just a few of the buns we have in the bakery.  White, brown or seedy we have something for your taste buds.  We also have sub buns and crustie buns, current and raisin.  On special days we have raspberry and chocolate chip buns.

All of our buns are available in 6s or 12s.

Brown Buns

  • Dinner

  • Hamburger

  • Hot dog (preorder only)

  • Slider (preorder only)

  • Parker (preorder only)

White Buns

  • Dinner

  • Hamburger

  • Hot dog

  • Crustie

  • Slider

  • Parker

  • Scotch Baps

  • Large Subs

  • Mini Subs

Specialty Buns

  • Flax dinner buns

  • Goodhearth dinner buns

  • Sourdough dinner buns

  • Raisin Buns

  • Currant Buns