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Glamorgan Bakery
3919 Richmond Rd SW #19
Calgary, AB, Canada T3E 4P2


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Monday – Friday – 7 am – 6pm
Saturday – 7 am – 5pm
Sundays and Holidays – CLOSED


You are welcome to email your resume to and we will contact you if there is a position you are being considered for.


Do you have gluten free products?

There is no designated area in our facility to provide certified gluten free products so we are unable to provide gluten free options. Our meringue cookies that have no gluten in the recipe.

Do your products contain preservatives?

Everything is baked fresh on site and with no added preservatives. We suggest freezing any bread or bun products that you are not planning to consume within a couple days.

Do you have any vegan products?

Because most of our products contain either egg or dairy ( or both), we do not offer any vegan products.

Do you have any products that are dairy free?

Butter or whey powder are in most of our products so therefore we do not have dairy free options except for the frozen pizza dough which does not contain dairy. 

Do you have any nut free products?

No peanuts are present on site however some products we use are made in facilities with peanuts. Almonds are present in a number of recipes along with walnuts. We can not guarantee no contact with nuts or nut free in any of our items but do have products that do not contain nuts.